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"Anyone can contribute and change the world to make the world a better place."

This is the vision behind Telcotank, one of my companies, which has made it a priority to incorporate United Nations Sustainable Development goals into its project deliveries. Hakan, an accomplished entrepreneur, has devoted himself to contributing to society through philanthropy efforts, investments, and involvement with non-governmental organizations.

Hakan's extensive experience includes working in over 20 countries around the world, holding executive positions at companies and organizations such as Microsoft, Turkcell, Telia, World Bank, and UNDP. Notably, he has successfully launched six mobile operators from inception. Additionally, Hakan has consulted on projects in FMCG, Banking, and Insurance industries, in addition to launching eight start-ups in mobile entertainment, mobile marketing, digital loyalty management and couponing, management consulting, e-commerce, and mobile roaming. Hakan was also recognized as the Ambassador of Peace and Friendship for Rotary International.


Hakan Dulge has played significant roles across various industries, demonstrating his versatility and leadership. Here's a condensed overview of his major positions:

Chief Architect and Strategy Director at edwai

Developed edwai, an AI-based platform for entrepreneurs, focusing on architectural design, strategic integration, and monetization models.

Founder and CEO of Trawell Data

Led the company through significant growth by implementing innovative SaaS models and expanding global digital services, leveraging patented technologies to enhance telecommunications solutions.

Managing Director and CEO of Telcotank Inc.

Spearheaded AI-driven transformations to empower SMBs, aligning corporate strategies with advanced AI tools to enhance operational efficiencies and competitive market positioning.

Project Director at Turkcell

Managed large-scale projects, including business intelligence systems and customer service solutions, significantly enhancing telecom services and infrastructure in Southern Europe.

Founding CEO of Moldcell S.A.

Established and rapidly expanded Moldcell, achieving a 50% market share through strategic sales networks and innovative telecom services in Moldova.

Business Development Lead for Novacell JSC:

Initiated the setup of a GSM operator in Ukraine, though the project was discontinued due to financial constraints.

MSN Country Director and Prepaid Project Lead at Microsoft

Established MSN Turkey. Led a high performing sales team and initiated Microsoft's first-ever prepaid product for a cash-based society, significantly boosting user base and market penetration in Turkey.

Health Insurance System Lead at World Bank Health PCU

Managed the design and implementation of Turkey’s Health Financing Institution, enhancing healthcare coverage and administrative efficiencies through strategic consulting and policy guidance.

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Key Focus Areas for AI-Driven Transformation in SMBs

  • Strategic AI Integration: Plan with precision and execute with the agility of a ninja, leveraging AI to enhance strategic decision-making and operational efficiency.
  • Sales and Marketing Automation: Transform into a sales superhero by deploying AI tools that automate lead generation, personalize marketing campaigns, and optimize customer interactions.
  • Operational AI Deployment: Keep your business engine running smoothly with AI-driven process automation that ensures operational efficiency and reduces overhead costs.
  • Advanced Digital Transformation: Future-proof your business by adopting cutting-edge AI technologies that revolutionize customer experiences and streamline services.
  • AI-Enhanced Startup Launches: Launch your startup with the speed of a rocket, utilizing AI to quickly analyze market conditions, identify consumer trends, and secure a competitive edge.
  • Leadership in Diversified Teams: Unite diverse teams by using AI-driven communication tools and collaboration platforms that enhance teamwork and project alignment.
  • AI-Powered Project Management: Master the art of juggling multiple projects with AI-enhanced tools that optimize resource allocation, track progress, and predict project outcomes.

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  • Transform the digital playground
  • Boost profits by being a rockstar
  • Think outside the box with new market approaches
  • Shake up the norm with innovative ideas
  • Bring new life into the game with turnaround tricks

Client Testimonials

"You achieved something impossible. You reversed a trend in three months."

Eurasia President — Telia Sonera

CEO - Ucell

"You created a success story. You launched a company in 6 months from scratch and acquired half of the market share."

Global Strategy Director - Vodafone

"Very creative idea developers, full of energy and drive."

& Companies

Telcotank - a comprehensive and full-service management consulting company

Globesim - unlock detect , engage, monetize travelers through eSIM

edwai - AI Mentor equipped with superhuman intelligence







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